«Hallucinations, it all falls apart»: Navalny apologized to Ukrainians for a grave crime, Putin

The main opposition of the Russian Federation, the controversial Alexei Navalny admitted in the fifth year of the occupation of the Crimea, what kind of «new territory» Russia has paid a high price.
According to Navalny, the seizure of the Ukrainian Crimea has cost Russia in a big and heavy lot of money. Incomes of Russians in total population, the sixth consecutive year is rapidly spilling into the abyss. About it Navalny said in an interview with the Russian service of the Agency the Voice of America. Insights its Bulk made of reports of the Ministry of economic development. The economic collapse of the Federation-the aggressor Bulk relates to the fact that Putin made an attempt on the territorial integrity of Ukraine

«The country paid <…> quite a high fee <…> we Have just everything crashed and collapsed completely, but a significant part of the population is wildly excited about foreign policy and foreign policy is in these hallucinations,» he said.

About how inadequate the policy of the leader of the aggressors Vladimir Putin has affected Ukraine — the death, economy and so forth, Navalny is not remembered.

According to him, Russia has «so far every TV show about Ukraine (80%), or about America (20%), and Russia no longer discussing no one.»

Schizophrenia the Russians, by the way — are not uncommon. Recently, Putin issued another batch of nonsense, over which the whole civilized world laughs.

Recently, the journalist Denis Kazansky published a photo book page of one of the Russian «textbooks». The Russians «surprised» their inadequacy. The book «teaches» that the Ukrainians as a nation never existed:

Kazan argues that the idea about Ukraine and Ukrainians the Russians have a primitive caveman. Even those who claim to intellectuality, in all seriousness believe in the stories about how Ukrainians invented in the Austrian General staff. And he adds: «Not surprisingly, with this approach, they lost Ukraine».

Earlier, we wrote that in Moscow honored the memory of Nemtsov and demanded the release of Ukrainian political prisoners.

We will remind that the former President was shocked by the terrible plans of Putin: he will not let go Ukraine.


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