Hirman said Gerus: reforms either in progress or no

DTEK acquired the “Kievoblenergo” and “Odessaoblenergo”

This opinion was expressed by Karel Hirman, Advisor on energy, Strategic group of advisors to support reform under the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, commenting on the statement of head Asian consumers of energy and utilities Andrei Gerus about the need for the suspension of energoinform until will not change the income level of the population, according to an Apostrophe.

“The fact that such claims (about the termination of energoinform) is a call back to the situation that was before the Maidan, until 2014 in Ukraine. This situation (policies in the energy sector and other industries) has led to the fact that Ukraine was on the verge of bankruptcy, has lost the Crimea, fighting in the East with Russia. This is all the result of policies in the energy sector until 2014. If someone wants to continue on that path, history shows what the outcome will be”, – said Karel Hirman.

According to Karel Hirman, today in Ukraine reforms are for the country and people, and not in the framework of cooperation with the IMF. “If the country, people are happy, what the results led to the policy until 2014, it is necessary to continue the policy. If it considers that the policy has led Ukraine to the brink of disaster, and if the old policies will completely destroy the country, then you need carrying out reforms, to change strategy,” – said Karel Hirman.

Energoekspert stressed that the standard of living in Ukraine’s neighbouring countries – Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, is a result of the reforms.

“We made reforms in the energy sector since the second half of the 90s, it was painful, but we have them. Treatment reforms – unpleasant, but then there will be results, you can look at our example (the EU). We, too, are rising electricity prices, but the market works differently, and after we come to the Ukrainians and to earn and to live. They do not come, as electricity is cheaper. Look at the results of Eurostat – in Ukraine the cheapest prices for gas and electricity. Even cheaper than in Moldova. The economy in Moldova is stronger? In Moldova richer people? No. So this argument (standard of living) does not work in the aspect of the energy reform does,” said Karel Hirman.

As previously reported, people’s Deputy Alexey Ryabchin supported the call of the head of the consumers Association of energy and utilities Andrei Gerus priostanovitj of the energy reform in Ukraine.

We will remind, Andrey Gerus believes that reforms in the energy sector need to pause, as the calculations of the population for housing and communal services falls.


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