Horoscope for the week of 10-16 Dec: who will smile at fate

Horoscope for the week ARIES

This week the stars advise arieses to be engaged in two major and important things. The weekend activity of the planets will be at its maximum, so you can expect positive changes.

Horoscope for the week TAURUS

This week the stars will make adjustments in the life of Taurus. Well, these changes will be as pleasant as possible: we are talking about managing conflicts. This is a time of harmony.

Horoscope for the week TWINS

This week astrologers recommend to devote time to household cares. The beginning of the week will be ideal for maximum activity. The last days should be spent in solitude.

Horoscope for the week CANCER

This week Cancers it is advisable to shop very carefully and deliberately. Will also be very important moderation in financial matters and personal relationships.

Horoscope for the week LEO

This week the Lions should not flirt with the opposite sex. This week is suitable for common cases, changes in the situation. While you are waiting for a great contact.

Horoscope for the week VIRGIN

This week Virgo will feel a serious energy shortage. Hard work is the key to solving any problems. The financial side of life will be prosperous, but the money from the sky will not fall.

Horoscope week LIBRA

This week on the scale very quickly will run out of internal resources. So the beginning of the week to use as a platform to fix their problems and past mistakes.

Horoscope for the week SCORPIO

This week Scorpions can begin health problems. It is not necessary to overstretch, to engage in extreme sports, hypothermia, and sad for no reason.

Horoscope for the week SAGITTARIUS

This week astrologists are predicting stability in life Sagittarius. While it is bad for inspiration. You should avoid pessimistic thoughts and baseless doubt.

Horoscope weekly CAPRICORN

This week Capricorns life will change. At the same time can return the bad thoughts from the past, uncertainty. For this reason, Capricorns need to praise yourself and to make compliments.

Horoscope weekly AQUARIUS

This week Aquarius will help strong rituals on the fulfillment of a wish. It is time to believe in magic. It is important to believe that right now fate and fortune may come back to you.

Horoscope for the week FISH

This week the Fish will give success good nature and desire to communicate. Happiness will be always with them, so don’t have to look for it. The charisma and charm of Fish will increase.


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