Hospitalization, strong drugs, victory in the show: Lesya Nikityuk told all about “dancing with the stars”

Lesya Nikityuk frankly told him how he became a winner, he remembered the Cup and shared their thoughts about the trauma.

According to Lesya, she still thinks its a couple of winners since they won the main prize of spectator sympathies.

Les also remembered that was one of the last participants of the project “dancing with the stars” because she was also in another show “Who’s on top” and “Who is against blondes.”

“I agreed, but came to the dance hall after all. But, you see, was in the final, so I still have to appear in this project.”, – says the participant of the show.

The girl did not forget to mention about the injury – according to her, she was injured the elbow in his first appearance. In the end she landed on the smooth hand and felt the click, who testified about the injury.

“I was immediately taken to the hospital and was prescribed strong painkillers. The scan showed that the fracture and stretching, but very badly bruised elbow. It’s been three months, but I’m still repairing the hand that a hundred percent still not moving freely. I now pull at the elbow joint. To six months I have to undergo recovery hands. Here is the dancing.”

According to her, due to the high growth, and Maxim all the harder to fulfill the upper support.

Forgot to tell Les about that, as it was thought to abandon the project. According to the party to show, on the eighth, the ninth air she experienced a strong emotional stress and already wanted to leave the show, but remembering the frenzied support of the audience, decided to move on and work hard.

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