How many billions spent Ukrainians problemi: the numbers are hard to believe

November 25, 2018 to January 10, inclusive customs of the State fiscal service (GFS) has issued new preferential terms almost 24.7 thousand motor vehicles registered abroad and imported to Ukraine from 1 January 2015 until entry into force of new rules of import of such cars.

This information was reported in the press service of the SFS.

The report said that during this period, the Ukrainians gave 1.6 billion UAH of customs duties.

«The most active citizens clearing a vehicle in Kiev – 4,4 thousand cars, Volyn almost 3.7 thousand and Chernivtsi – 2.7 thousand fields.» told in a press-service

It is known that 20,5 thousand cars, or more than 83% of the total number of customs cleared vehicles were on the customs territory of Ukraine with violation of requirements of the Customs code, for which the owners voluntarily paid estimated at 174.1 million UAH (UAH 8500 for each car) that freed them from administrative liability for this violation.

As have informed in a press-service, only for the last day of the SFS carried out the customs clearance of over 1.3 thousand cars on avtonomera in the amount of 84.6 million UAH. The state fiscal service reminded that on February 22 the deadline for the grace period of the applied excise tax rates (factor of 0.5) for the customs clearance of vehicles with foreign registration.

«After this time the owners of such vehicles will pay excise tax at the full rate». the press service of the SFS

It also became known that in may of 2019 will cancel the preferential terms of responsibility for violation of customs rules for the import of cars with foreign registration.

«Since that time come into effect new sanctions. So, in excess of term of transit or temporary import of vehicles with foreign registration of more than 30 days, the owner of such a vehicle faces a fine in the amount of 170 thousand UAH, or confiscation of the vehicle by the decision of the court.» told in the SFS

Recallthat the State fiscal service of Ukraine abolished the effect of rules by which the owners cleared under the reduced excise tax «EuroBLECH» had to pay the full amount of tax on the sale of the machine for 365 days.

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