How to reduce the payment for heating, if the batteries are slightly warm: expert advice

One of the important winter utility problems for many Ukrainians is barely warm the battery, for which you have to pay in full. To edition Know.ia received dozens of complaints about the lack of heat in the house and at the same time crazy numbers in the receipts for Central heating with requests to help to compensate or reduce monthly payment. So That You’d Know.ia learned, how it can be done.

The temperature in the apartment must not be below 18 °

This question refers to two categories of people – those who bills for heating are charged according to the meter, and without it. Therefore, the universal advice is no, because every case has its own nuances.

If the heat meter is not in the apartment or condominium, the charge is conducted according to the standards. In this case, cold or heat weak battery suggests that accruals do not correspond to consumption.

«If the actual temperature in the living spaces does not meet the standard (18 ° C), you must contact the customer service center and write a statement about the survey, and at the agreed time to provide access to the apartment specialist supplier of heat», – says the leading analyst of the NGO «Public audit» Taras galaida.

With the help of special equipment the specialist will be made temperature measurements and conducted a survey to identify the reasons for the decline in the quality of the coolant. After that, the company representative must issue a complaint about inadequate services. According to this document the client will be carried out recalculation of payment for heating services.

«The amount to be paid for Central heating to be reduced by 5% for every degree of deflection of 18 ° C to 12 ° C in residential areas (in angular rooms – from 20 ° C to 14 ° C). When the temperature in the living spaces below 12 ° C the tariff for Central heating not charged (in angular rooms – below 14 ° C),» – said a leading analyst Taras galaida.

The illegal tapping store or faulty meter

If the heat meter is, the bills come, based on the number of Gcal consumed. So in this case, barely warm battery, respectively, should be accompanied by low charges. But what if these concepts are disproportionate?

«In such cases, high charges and cold batteries need to pay attention to the meter, its readings and the correct allocation of total consumption between tenants. Here can be no illegal tie-in of store (restaurant, beauty salon, etc.) on the ground floor, and high heat loss in the house, and the faulty meter,» – says a leading analyst of the NGO «Public audit» Taras galaida.

To start searching for the culprits should contact the vendor services, public services, the management company or HOA. Further, if the result does not satisfy the tenants, you can contact the city administration to create a Commission and conduct a comprehensive inspection.

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