“I have decided that I am going to enjoy life and food”: an old British man has told how he managed to mark the 100th anniversary of healthy and happy

Many of you probably want to live to a hundred years. Take a walk on wedding of the grandchildren to learn teleportation and fly at the last minute to Mars. However, how to do it? The doctors tell us about a healthy lifestyle: exercise, proper diet, avoiding alcohol, oily, fried, sweet. It definitely affects human health. But examples of many centenarians prove it, the secret is not in the refusal (of anything), and in the enjoyment of life.

Arthur Grasbrook a resident of the British County of Buckinghamshire has survived to the 100-year anniversary, adhering to the diet that would forbid any doctor and nutritionist. It is reported by the Wave.

Old British man loves meat, steak, fresh rolls and tomatoes, sausages and eggs, as well as almost daily drink two glasses of red wine, these products he had a weakness in previous years. As Arthur says, to live to his age he was helped by the diet, which gives him a lot of pleasant emotions.

And despite its age, a British pensioner living on their own. The man is quite active and alert, he goes shopping and prepares food, and performs various homework.

Everything else, survivor passionate about his hobby – playing the organ. From time to time he meets with friends. In General, the way of life 100-year-old grandfather typical navigation younger people.

“When I became a pensioner, the doctor said that you have to be careful with that menu, and stick to more healthy eating. But I decided that I was going to enjoy life and food, and have benefited from this,” said Grisbrook.

Although the man admits that his health is not as in youth, is a serious deviation from 100-year-old Briton, while his energy is just amazing for such a ripe old age.

Recall what month a person was born, talk about how long he will live. To such conclusion scientists have come. The experts noticed an interesting pattern and were able to calculate the month in which it is often born long-lived.

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Also “Know.Eeyore” wrote a group of international experts managed to look to the future fans of chips, beer, cheese and red wine.


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