I swear, like, one of the cult Comedy with Zelensky banned in Ukraine and another in Russia

Zelensky in “Love in the city”

The head of Goskino Philip Ilyenko summing up the past, voiced the total number of films and TV series banned in Ukraine over the last year. Based on the Law of Ukraine “On cinematography”, added to the list of persons who “posed a threat to the national security of Ukraine”.

In total, the list includes 139 paintings. Later, the Deputy Ilyenko Sergey Neretin at described some of the tapes, which no luck.

Zelensky in “Love in the city”

Among them, for example, the TV series “the penal battalion”, “bomber”, “Last fight of major Pugacheva” “Agent special purpose 3” and “Come on – don’t be afraid, come out – do not cry” and the movie “Legend № 17″,”Night watch” and “Day watch”.

Zelensky in “Love in the city”

Also in his commentary Neretin remembered the Comedy Studio “Quarter 95” “Love in the city 2” and two seasons of “Sniffer” – they were on the prohibited list.

Watch: “Love in the big city” (a romantic Comedy from the Studio “Kvartal 95”)

Paradox, but on an official resource of the state do not hide: I am proud of the other tape production “Quarter 95” – “I, you, he, she”, which set the records to display:

Vladimir Zelensky, actor of “95 Quarter”

Vladimir Zelensky, actor of “95 Quarter”

“An absolute record of Ukrainian cinema at the box office. Created with the support of the state Romka “I, You, He, She” in 19 days collected 61 million 881 thousand UAH 802. Box office romantic Comedy I, You, He, She, directed by Vladimir Zelensky, filmed Studio “Quarter-95″ with the support of the state, topped 60 million. According cnodelate, B&H Film Distribution Company, as of today, the film has collected in the Ukrainian hire 61 802 million 881 thousand UAH. we watched the tape 690 854 spectators. And it’s the highest box-office of the Ukrainian cinema in 27 years of Independence”, – stated in the message.

The theater added: this film is in Russia, no one to show it only for the Ukrainian audience.

See: “I, you, he, she” (official trailer)

Recall that Zelensky was supported by the office.

As reported by “Know.ia”, Koshevoy from “Quarter 95” addressed to the authorities and oligarchs. Also “Know.Eeyore” wrote Zelensky found a sponsor, and is not Kolomoisky.


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