“I thought they live in the 18th century and had not heard about the technology”: a zombie-copy of Angelina Jolie revealed the secret of his licauco appearance

In 2017, the social network has struck a new viral madness in the face of a cute girl. Iranian Sugar Tabar (Tabar Sahar), famous for the numerous plastic surgeries because of them supposedly was a copy of Angelina Jolie.

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بينيمو عَمل كردم و حالم خوبه نگران نباشيد..!👅🤘🏻 بگيد خوشگل شدم باز كنم يا عمَل ..؟😻❤it’s amazing

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So according to the English website of Arab and European tabloids, the girl in his still tender age allegedly made more than 50 plastic surgeries and many months of sitting on a diet that her weight did not exceed 40 kg, height of about 150 cm.

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اگه گفتيد شبيه شدم چي؟👅🤘🏻 شدم مثل پرنسس I مگه ؟

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But here’s the effect of the media: just a day number papanikos her Ntarama jumped from 60 thousand to half a million, and the hashtag with the name of the girl sensation hit the world top trends.

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بودن باهام كل تهران

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The pictures in the full growth she really looks anorexic, with a disproportionately large head, thin limbs and “pavucina” fingers.

Some users of Instagram and Reddit and previously thought that it looks like through photoshop or excessive makeup. And they were right.

According to portal Scopes, who checks the news authenticity, there are two Instagram account, which are conducted from her face. One of them drew the attention of the media, while in another, on 28 November there was a post where she admitted that her appearance is not only the result of surgical intervention, but photoshop and makeup.

In his video the girl said that did plastic surgery, but not in such an exaggerated number as it is presented to the media. The girl did not hide their outrage about the what about the light showed it.

“Hi, regarding my dear subscribers, for the photos that you so carefully studied, although I don’t love her, I kept it… I Want to say I’ve done a few operations, but not 50, and foreign websites and channels are very biased reacted to my pictures. I thought they live in the 18th century and have not heard nothing about technology, nothing about makeup, so they were surprised”, — quotes the words of the girl Scopes.

After some time, the girl removed the video and made your account private from prying subscribers. By the way, the number of the latter fell sharply.

Recall that 10 of the victims of plastic surgery, which is scary.

As reported by the portal “Know.ia”, a Playboy model from eighth the size of the network stirred up a bold outfit.

Also “Know.Eeyore” wrote brad pitt has made angelina Jolie an offer impossible to refuse.


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