In «ATB» the man cut her wrists after talking with the guard: video not for the faint of heart

In the supermarket guards arrested the group of buyers.

They suspected them of stealing and called a private security detachment.

One of the detainees, could not withstand the pressure, decided to commit suicide. He attacked the guards, and then cut myself some glass object

The footage you notice that the shop floor literally covered with blood.

On the health status of men is not reported.

It is worth Recalling that the 7th of March, from the window of the third floor of the biology Department of LNU jumped girl-postgraduate student of the Ternopil region in the name of Zorian. Before you jump, she has published in social networks photo with the inscription «you are forever in my heart.»

Now she is in intensive care in serious condition. Money to treat the girls gather the whole Department and ask all concerned to bring money in for teaching, because there is an urgent need for money. It also requires donor blood, which can be taken in the Lviv regional center of blood on the street. Baking, 65.

«We’re all in shock, none of Zoriana did not expect. Intelligent, even-tempered, friendly, quite adequate girl. Maybe it was some kind of unrequited love,» said an employee of the Department.

We wrote about the fact that in Odessa there was a terrible tragedy, which has put on the ears of the entire city. The mysterious death of 20-year-old girl Kristina Babenko police are trying to pass off as a suicide. And the guy deceased claims that Christina jumped out of the window, however, the relatives do not believe and demand an investigation to seek the truth.

The tragedy occurred on March 2 in the street of General Bocharova. According to preliminary information, from the apartment window on the 11th floor and jumped out a 20-year-old girl Kristina Babenko. The death occurred on the spot — the ambulance is not there yet.

Recall the grief-stricken mother asks Ukrainians for help: son was choking, hit his head, bruises

As previously reported, «Know.ia», Tragically passed away the brightest contestant on «the Voice»

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