In Kiev in a traffic jam, the unexpected happened: a man in seconds lost the main pride

In a traffic jam on the prospect of Lobanovsky in Kiev, the driver was robbed of a large sum.

In Kiev, unknown assailants attacked a driver in a traffic jam on the road and robbed him of 300 thousand hryvnias.

The attack occurred near the intersection of prospect street and the street Kirovograd.

The time of the attack was recorded by surveillance cameras on the road. On the record clearly shows the car with the money moved in the tube, the pursuers also fell on his car for him in the far left lane.


When the machine was once again forced to stop in traffic jams, three robbers ran out of his car and through the window I selected a bag with money from the victim. After they instantly disappeared from the scene in his car.


It is known that the money was sent by order of the leadership of one of the capital enterprises.

Earlier it was reported that in Kiev the officers in hot pursuit detained a rather modest thief. He stole from the store of UAH 500 and at lightning speed went to jail.

The incident occurred in Solomenskiy district of Kiev. The robber walked into the local shop for easy illegal money. To surprise of militiamen, his preference was rather modest.

The man waited for the right moment, when the clerk turns his back and grabbed from the cash register the note of 500 hryvnias and disappeared quickly.

However, the police took only a few minutes to catch a grief-the criminal. And all because he stumbled on law enforcement officers as he fled from the store.

Recall, a terrorist, a robber locked himself in the apartment and threatened to kill his own mother, they had to use special forces.

As reported Know.ia in the Russian hill-the thieves robbed the graves of anthrax and now they are looking for… to cure. Would-be thieves stole the fence next to the burial of anthrax.

Know.EN wrote that in the center of Kiev attacked the wife of former Ukrainian Prime Minister. “Opposite the Central Department store, near the kiosk “Kiev cake”, I have robbed the car.”


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