In Kiev, stopped the trams, passengers trapped


In Kiev at the hem accident involving a taxi and a tram, causing traffic on the line is blocked

This was reported by TSN eyewitnesses at the scene.


The accident occurred on shchekavitskaya street, near the cinema “October”. Because of the accident a few trams had already stopped and can’t continue.

Arrived at the scene the police, all the details are being investigated.

Death in waiting for the bus

In Cherkasy the tragedy occurred at a stop of public transport. The man was hit by a taxi that was backing up. Injuries which were got by the man, were incompatible with life. The victim died, the doctors to save him failed.

We will remind, in Nikolaev during movement from truck to passenger car that was driving behind, had a huge metal stand. It is known that during movement of the truck she dropped out of a metal kiosk, which almost landed on a car that was moving behind.

As reported by the portal Know.ia, a re-examination of the case of Elena Zaitseva and Gennady Dronova – defendants in the bloody accident in Kharkiv, killing six people, turned everything on its head, this simply no one expected.

Also Know As.Eeyore wrote about the fact that in Poland there was a terrible accident. Through the bad weather conditions faced passenger car and van. As it turned out, among the nine victims, eight were Ukrainians.

As a result of collision of two cars in the area of Krzeszowice (Krzeszowicе) near the Polish Krakow 9 people suffered. Among the wounded – 8 citizens of Ukraine.

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