In Kiev, the trains change schedule: what everyone should know

Sunday, December 9 in Kiev will change the timetable of commuter trains.

This information was reported in the press service of Kyivpastrans.

The report said that the schedule will change in relation to improving quality of travel.

“Dear passengers! We constantly strive to improve the quality of services and increase the comfort of your trips, so 9 Dec 2018 we are changing the schedule of city electric trains”. Kyivpastrans

An updated schedule will be posted later at all stops of the s-Bahn and on the official website of Kyivpastrans.

We will remind, on Tuesday, 4 December, in Kiev the passengers waited for the city train at the station “vyshgorodska” more than an hour. The reasons for this delay are unknown. The train schedule was supposed to arrive at 8:41, the train was late more than an hour. When he appeared on the platform, frozen, the passengers began to take it by storm.

When it arrived at the station a bit “stripped down” train. Instead of the traditional 6-8 cars in the train consisted of only four. Angered residents and the condition of the cars. According to “Kyiv Rapid” train, besides being late and the small number of cars, impressed the passengers and even the old state.

Previously, the portal wrotethat high-speed Express train from Kiev to “Borispol” airport broke the next day after its launch. In particular, it is noted that the Express train had left the Metropolitan station, but to reach the end-station and still can’t due to technical failure.

“We left at 11:01 off the train was to arrive in 37 minutes (at 11:38 – ed), but still at the entrance. Airport is 5 km away and it is already 12:15 and we’re still standing”, – told the correspondent Vasily pejnya.

As reported by “Know.ia”, “uz” ceased to sell tickets at stations panic.

Also “Know.Eeyore” wrote that the Ukrainians announced the name of the expected route.


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