In Kiev will hit a dangerous element: drivers are urged not to leave the house

Forecasters predict significant precipitations in Kyiv on Tuesday, February 12. The weather can be so unpredictable that KSCA encourages residents of the capital not to use their own transport.

Information about complication of weather conditions, reports weather center.

So, air temperature and night and day will be 0…+2 degrees, and wet snow with rain is expected from the night. The increase in snow cover will be 7-10 cm

“We urge drivers to refrain from trips by private car, so as not to interfere with the operation of machinery and should not create congestion on the roads of the capital. At the time of precipitation, it is recommended to give preference to public transport for getting around the city. In addition, you are kindly requested not to Park cars on roadsides and in inappropriate places. Cars impeding the passage of snow removal equipment to be evacuated”. noted in the KSCA

Forecasters said that starting Tuesday Ukraine will return a sleet with a rain. And by the end of the week, Ukrainians will finally remember who this winter, and what character she has. Subzero temperature will be kept both day and night. In some places, forecasters predict up to -10 C.

Recallthat the Ukrainians were advised to prepare for new weather swings, to the same month of February will show their true character. About what to expect Ukrainians to the end of the last month of winter, said the national forecaster Leonid Gorban.

According to the forecast of the expert, Ukrainians should not have to hide warm clothes and get the spring, because soon places the thermometer shows 25 degrees below zero, but by the end of next week for a few days again come the thaw.

As reported previously Know.ia, Gorban says that will not retreat frosts in March. Spring in 2019 Ukraine will be late.

Also Know As.Eeyore wrote that the melting Ludovic can cause extreme changes in the weather and cause unpredictable changes in temperature around the world that will lead to climate chaos on the planet.

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