In Russia, Jesus died

Russian by the name of Jesus died. The cause was poisoning by narcotic substances.

Police found his body in August, however, the cause of death was found out just now, writes Politeka.

The police claimed that they received only recently the report of the pathologist. According to him, a man named Jesus died after a large dose of the drug, such as morphine.

“In the afternoon of 30 November, the police received the autopsy report of the corpse of the man, which indicated that the death was the result of poisoning by morphine,” said the police.

Officers opened criminal proceedings on the illegal purchase of on arousal drugs.

It should be noted that “a namesake of the son of God” before “famous”, caught stealing mobile phone. He came to a seminar at the health center and took the chair someone else’s machine, who then sold it on the radio. Against men opened a criminal case, but the court found the Christ incapacitated.

Recently, prosecutors found a police officer, who was a drug dealer. It was found in a crack house, which was organized by former police in the Factory district of the city of Zaporozhye. During a search of a brothel, the law enforcement officers also found in a condition of narcotic intoxication found another 25-year-old former policeman, 32-year-old current employee of a temporary detention center of the city, APU, soldier and civilian. All of them were in a condition of narcotic intoxication.

“Know.ia” also wrote that in the center of Cherkassy, law enforcement officers dismantled a drug den, equipped in the premises of the planetarium. As the press service of the regional police during a search of planetariums found 8 young men aged 22 to 28 years.

Previously “Know.Eeyore” wrote that in Ukrainian pharmacies were forbidden to sell the saline.


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