In Zaporozhye the Elevator with a child fell on the move: the details of the tragedy

In Zaporozhye there was a terrible incident that almost ended in tragedy, reports the newspaper “Today”. On the street Ladoga, in the Borodino district of the city, broke the Elevator while in his cabin he was a child. Local people write about what happened in Facebook. As reported by the inhabitants of the house, the ill-fated Elevator was broken at a height between the fifth and sixth floor. The baby’s life was saved by the electronic braking of the Elevator.

The author drew attention to the fact that this is not the first such case. Three years ago in the same Elevator, the man suffered a back injury due to the disruption of the cabin.

Look: the only way to survive in a freely falling Elevator

Earlier, we wrote that in Lviv a young knackers deliberately dropped from a great height cat for likes. Terrible video struck Ukrainians.

However, in a network there was a part of him. It is known that several young men took the Elevator to the 9th floor, opened the window and threw the cat at him.

Concerned citizens discovered the identity of those who committed such barbarity. One of the guys shot and posted a video in which repented.

We will remind, the Ukrainian turned the flat into a prison for animals. Kharkov for years kept within the four walls of a pack of dogs and police on the complaint of neighbors did not react.

As previously reported, “Know.ia” the dog ate the baby, when we went caroling. The hostess aggressive animal did not protect the poor girl.

Also “Know.Eeyore” wrote that the homeless puppies it is impossible to look without regret. And especially those that are thrown out on the street. It happened with this cute little puppy. His owners were so unjust and cruel that threw the kid is not just on the street and in the ballot box.

In addition, we reported that the young Ukrainian was found hanged on the beach. On the road in Odessa found a dead body. It is thought to have killed himself.

Recall the hellish fire occurred in the Kharkiv region and claimed the life of an elderly man: the son saw the father on fire.

As reported by “Know.ia” in the Zaporozhye area burned private house. A man and two children were burned alive, and the children’s mother committed suicide. The police found out that while visiting family was the brother of the woman. The third child, a little boy died 12 years – tried to extinguish the fire when I came in from a walk. The guy called for help. The postman who passed by, helped put out the fire. However, before the arrival of rescuers to cope with the fire failed.


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