Internet controls children: Russian insanity included in the school curriculum, this masterpiece must see

Thursday, December 6, Secretary of the General Council of the party “United Russia” Andrey Turchak presented a book that proposed to include in the school curriculum. It is called “the secret school for young heroes,” says 10-year-old boy Portenko Yaroslav, and his mother.

Co-author of the book Faith Roerich is a PR girl and the founder of the project “family values.”

The book tells the story of Dani, a fifth grader from the Siberian town, which remains home alone with my little sister Uliana. While children play computer games in the house starts a fire, but the boy manages to save himself and his sister.

It is later revealed that Danny has taken to the secret school for young heroes and the next day sent him an amazing plane that he goes to the secret headquarters of the school.

It turns out that the boy has a problem. Citizens say that in the world unknown virus spreads through a computer game. Infected children forget what is mutual assistance and friendship and become absolutely indifferent to everything.

The virus has created, according to the leaders of the school of young heroes to gain control over the minds and create a puppet army and thus take over the planet. Secret school is located in each city of Russia where there are children immune to the virus. They are able to help stop the spread of dangerous diseases.

The children at this school are selected after he performed some heroic act. In a secret school they prevent accidents across the country (fires, floods, animal rescues and people) use a centralized monitoring system and special gadgets.

We will remind, shocking flashmob in Russian schools blew up the network. This Russian leader did not expect.

As reported Know. EN, armed student seized the school, the cops are negotiating. In one of the buildings of the school where the teenager with the knife, continue the lessons.

Know. EN wrote that all schools will have mandatory psychologists, but not for children. The law was sent to the appropriate authority.


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