Jesus Christ walking on clouds shot from an airplane window: video

Randomly passenger aircraft, at an altitude of 7 thousand meters, managed to catch on camera an unknown figure.

It should be noted that this passenger was an Irishman Nick o Donahue, 30-the summer passenger of EasyJet plane flying from Austria to Ireland.

Surprised people showed the unusual phenomenon of an elderly woman that was sitting next to. She was shocked too, but two minutes later, the silhouette disappeared. The plane was at an altitude of 10 thousand meters, and the figure slightly lower.

“From what I saw, I’m so stunned I can’t believe that it was just a “game” of clouds. Too little explanation,” said the Irishman, who had through the window to remove the figure in the sky.

After discussing what he saw, the passengers of the plane, however, as later commentators on the Internet, came to the conclusion that the “man” in the sky like a giant robot of the Iron Giant from the American cartoon.
Who actually at that day roamed the clouds, we can only guess.

Some experts after studying the picture I came to the conclusion that the strange figure formed by the jet of smoke from the chimneys of some plants. Due to weather conditions, the emissions rose just above the clouds, and then dissipated.

We will remind, earlier in the capital’s Boryspil airport there was a traffic accident with one of the aircraft UIA.

“The emergency landing was. This flight Helsinki-Borispol. There is a technical problem was. But it’s okay. Landing has passed successfully. 46 people on Board”, — said the press service. We are talking about the flight PS152 Helsinki-Kiev.

As it became known later, happened intermittent equipment failure. First, the crew announced an emergency landing, but then canceled because the crew managed equipment to working order yourself.

As reported by the portal “Know.news Agency” reporters found the man, who seemed to be “Spanish Manager” and said on the air of Russian TV channels about the Ukrainian trace in the destruction of flight MH17 in the Donbas. The investigation was conducted by Radio Liberty and a group of Romanian investigative journalists RISE Project, writes the Ukrainian truth. It is stated that Russian propaganda is actively multiplied in various versions of the disaster.


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