Kiev is deep in debt, and in the city hall report about the vast salaries

During the last plenary session of the Kyiv city Council Vitali Klitschko more hours reported on the successes of his team, but paid attention to a lot of existing problems. It illegally raised utility prices that Kiev paid for the last 1, 5 years, and many millions of identified financial irregularities in the accounts of utility companies and regional administrations. And during meeting of the Constant Commission of city Council on budget and socio-economic development, which took place on 12 February it became known about the huge debts of the city. Details recognized Know.ia.

Burden, the size of $ 101 million

This issue has attracted the attention of the members of the Commission during the consideration of the report of the Department of Finance of Kyiv city state administration on key indicators of administrative activities in 2018.

“In September 2018 was successfully completed the exchange of all outstanding Bonds participating in the loan yield of 8 % and maturing in 2015, total nominal value of 101 million 149 thousand dollars in new bonds with a yield of 7.5% and maturing December 15, 2022. The completion of this debt transaction will help to realize the objectives set forth in the extended financing facility of the IMF to Ukraine, agreed on 11 March 2015”, – said the Director of the Finance Department of Executive body of Kyiv city state administration Volodymyr Repik.

So every year from the city budget allocates hundreds of millions to pay off the debt. Just last year, for reimbursement of expenses for maintenance obligations has been spent more than a billion hryvnia.

Salary – more than 22 million

And reviewing the list of expenses only of the Finance Department, it becomes clear that it is easy just to save not one million.

For example, in the column “remuneration” to employees of the Department of the $ 22 million 494 thousand UAH. “Travel expenses” cost the city about 255 thousand. Besides, the report exists and column “other current costs” with the sum of 55, 6 thousand UAH, without any explanation on what the funds were expended.

And here is a list of purchased goods exceeded $ 485 thousand UAH. For example, 242 thousand went on the new chairs and almost 80 thousand in new curtains.

The largest amount – for the services provided and where spent over 3, 2 million.

And if you investigate how much money “living paper” spend the rest of Departments and Offices, of which there are about 30? Most likely, in the case of savings, each of these agencies for several years have been able to build a school or a kindergarten, which now needs city.

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