Ksenia Sobchak told how she survived domestic violence: “we had a quarrel in the car, and he started to beat me.”

Recently 37-year-old became the heroine of the show, which was organized by one of the social networks together with well-known television channel, the center of “Violence.no” and international organization “UN-Women” in the framework of the campaign “16 days of activism against violence against women”.

During the live broadcast, the star said that had also experienced violence from a loved one.

Ksenia Sobchak

“It was many years ago. I was vacationing out West with her boyfriend. We had a quarrel in the car, and he started to beat me — she says, — I ran out and began to knock at the door. I was allowed some woman. After the police came to herself, although I didn’t call. The law is designed so that it is impossible to withdraw the case. All to be imposed at the state level. There are witnesses and there is no turning back”.

Sobchak said that in Russia people don’t talk about violence:

“This is not something global in the minds of people, so they are less likely to contact the police. It is believed that better with dignity to endure beatings, to cover the bruises and pretend that all is well.”

Xenia wants the cases of domestic violence dealt with severely.

“The moment a show of hands should be a red line, when you realize that the fight begins not with his wife, and in the state,” — says Ksenia.

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