Lady over the Atlantic: as Amelia Mary Earhart, was the first to overcome the dangerous route

The name Amelia Earhart is forever inscribed in history. She was the first pilot who managed alone to fly across the Atlantic ocean, she was awarded the Flying cross of Merit for this flight. Earhart earned numerous other awards and has written several books that became bestsellers. It played an important role in the formation of «the Ninety and nine,» international organization of women pilots.

So 11 Jan 1935 American Amelia Mary Earhart began a flight across the Pacific ocean. She crossed the distance from Hawaii to Oakland, California. The duration of the flight was 18 hours and 16 minutes.

Trying to make such a solo flight killed so many pilots that such attempts ultimately were banned by special decision of the government of the United States.

Earhart had made for himself a special permit to make the attempt.

When Mary managed to do the unthinkable, at the airport in California, she was waiting for a crowd of 18 thousand people, who congratulated her with the victory. US President Franklin Roosevelt sent the pilots a message of congratulations: «Congratulations! — You win again.»

Later she became close to the presidential family and made nightly flights over Washington with wife of the President, Eleanor Roosevelt.

The first lady wanted to learn how to fly a plane, and Earhart gave her private lessons. They became friends because both loved all of the unknown — new places, new activities, new people.

Already during the life of Amelia Earhart has become a legend. A female pilot was more popular and influential than any Hollywood movie star. She proved that women can on equal compete with men, even in such dangerous and advanced sectors, such as aviation.

Then followed a record-breaking flight Los Angeles Mexico city Mexico city-new York.

It is interesting that Mexico Earhart visited at the invitation of the government of President lázaro cárdenas «goodwill visit», that is actually as an unofficial envoy of the United States.

In honor of her visit, the government of Mexico ordered the release of a special postage stamp, which almost immediately became a subject of hunting of philatelists.

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