Leading known interrupted the broadcast to commit suicide: a recent photo, goosebumps

Before committing suicide leading known interrupted the broadcast and walked out of the Studio: it seems at this moment she made a tragic decision, writes Politeka.

It is reported, the host of BBC Radio Shropshire Vicki Archer suddenly interrupted the broadcast. She left the Studio, telling colleagues that she needed a break. After that, the woman returned to his home and took his own life.

The radio host’s body was discovered by her stepfather, who came to her to fix the stove. After unsuccessful attempts to get through the door, the man decided to climb out the window, and then turned up dead and Vicki Archer.

Stepfather the radio host immediately called the medics, and myself prior to their arrival made a desperate attempt to bring the woman back to life, making her artificial respiration.

When the car arrived paramedics, they could only state the death.

It is known that the broadcaster already had two suicide attempts and a long period was in a severe depression.

It should be noted that the police confirmed that it was a planned suicide.

Vicki Archer was unable to stop even a responsibility to her three children, whom she had made orphans.

Family Wiki already made an official statement.

“We still can’t believe that she’s gone. Her zest for life inspired others. Vicki was a wonderful mother and daughter. Her charm bring a smile to all who knew her. She lit up any room,” they shared.

Employee “bi-Bi-si” David Jennings commented on the news about the death of women: “the News of the death of Vicki Archer was a great sorrow to us all. All colleagues respected her as a wonderful leading and journalist, but most of all we enjoyed how much happiness and goodness she brought to their show.”

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