Make the stock: the weather will result in higher prices of basic products

Adverse weather conditions resulted in some regions of Ukraine the increase in food prices.

This was announced by Director of the Ukrainian Association of trade networks suppliers Oleksiy Doroshenko.

“No conspiracy theories – just the weather. We already watched it last week when the temperature dropped sharply, and the roads were covered with snow. Because of the inability to deliver products on time now the price jumps occur. So potatoes at the end of December was in Kiev from 7-8grn per kilogram. Now pounds already starts from 10 UAH, and sometimes even up to 20 UAH”, – I wrote to Doroshenko.

According to him, when it happens, such a collapse should prepare for the fact that the shelves in stores quickly become empty and available products are much more expensive.

So, what kind and how many products become more expensive in the first place:

In the risk group, the price of which can greatly increase get vegetables, namely potatoes, carrots, beets, all kinds of cabbage and onions, local tomatoes; herbs: parsley, dill, spinach, all salads; mushrooms, apples and pears.
First and foremost, a deficit may occur in the markets, but may affect individual stores, especially in regions where the projected deterioration in the weather.

Extreme cold affect the cost of products

Also frosts will also affect pricing in a larger perspective. The cost of heat will be laid in the cost of production that will gradually increase the cost of production of good quality.

But those fruits and vegetables that have suffered from frost, which was improperly stored sold for below average prices. However it is understood that the quality of such products does not meet the standards.

Recall, price hikes for dairy products in 2019 upset Ukrainians. According to experts, prices pobyty all records. Deswa “milk”, even in Europe.

As reported by the portal Know.ia Ukrainians warned of severe frosts. Since mid-January, the temperature will fall significantly, and in February should wait for the frosts to -30 degrees.

Also Know As.Eeyore wrote that Dr. Komarovsky told how to use available products to strengthen the immune system in the winter.



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