Marshrutchiki so cruel to a sick pensioner, but his grandfather taught a lesson: answered in full

Ivan Denysenko is assistant Professor and candidate of technical Sciences.

All his life he taught, conducted research activities in the agricultural sector.

His last place of work – Podolsk state agrarian-technical University.

This ill-fated day Ivan Denisenko was walking home from the market. My husband has privileges established by the legislation of Ukraine for war veterans — participants of war.

Presenting the identity of the driver of a minibus №3 «mens Auto» (the driver was a young driver), Ivan sat in the back seat because the front was busy.

At the stop «vul. Chaldayeva» the driver stopped the bus and released the woman. Denisenko, because of aching legs couldn’t reach and asked the driver to wait, but the doors closed and the bus moved forward, despite the fact that Denisenko was at the exit.

«I asked the driver to stop, saying I have a bad heart and legs, also in the hands of two heavy bags, and to go far. But the driver just laughed and said let me out at the next stop,» says grandpa.

He decided just not to leave this case.

«I wrote a letter to the head of the Department of transport, of communications and of the Ternopil city Council. Three days later, he called all 10 of the Directors of shipping companies of Ternopil to the meeting in question. Have asked me where I told how it all happened. As a result, the bus driver was reprimanded, with whom he agreed,» – said the pensioner.

He also added that to date the husband does not work in any of the urban carriers.
Besides, to obtain from the carrier a moral compensation, he decided to go to court. At the meetings the interests of the pensioner was represented by counsel Regional centre for providing free secondary legal aid in the Ternopil region. This is a public organization that protects rights in the courts of preferential category of citizens.

According to the pensioner, the carrier representatives went to the trick, even forged documents. So, the representative of the defendant provided the court order for cancellation of a warning to the driver.

However, as the open data Registry of court decisions, at the time of the lawyer’s request, no information about the cancellation order was not, which shows «bad faith on the part of the defendant, or the preparation of appropriate order «reverse» number».

As a result, the court sided with the law, establishing that the bus driver «is actually mocking the person of advanced age».

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