Minus size over the weekend: the doctors revealed the main feature

Specialists to the University of Texas has developed an effective scheme for disposal of excess weight.

The technique assumes that the person loses weight by doing nothing for two days. About it reports the edition Molecular Metabolism, reports replyua.net.

Scientists have studied the neural network of the brain that are activated during physical activity. Then there was the experiment with laboratory rodents, the results of which showed that the effect of the exercise lasts for 48 hours.

So, just one hour that the mouse was performed on a makeshift treadmill, improves metabolism, reduces appetite and blood sugar levels. As a result, making the clock run on the treadmill on Friday, people will gradually lose weight over the next weekend, at the same time, nothing doing.

For best results, training must be repeated once in three days. The effect is achieved through the specific work of neural connections.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that the couple dropped 88 pounds and married for the second time: all for a beautiful wedding photo. William and Janice Robertson are married for more than ten years. Hard to find a more harmonious pair, but unfortunately, the problems the couple is also one to two. Since they met they were both suffering from excessive weight, but the real “kick” for them to become wedding photo. After Janice and William saw himself from the outside in the lens of the photographer, they decided to radically change his life.

As reported by the portal “Know.ia” known TV presenter revealed the magical secret of weight loss: no diet and exercise. Leading beauty-headings of the draft of the New channel “the Inspector General Tishchenko” told how she managed to lose weight without exhausting diets and trainings.

“Know.Eeyore” wrote that scientists in one step to create a tablet that will allow you to eat whatever you want. Professor Damien Keating (Damien Keating) from Flinders University finds that his scientific discovery brings the creation of drugs that will allow you to enjoy food without fear to earn calories.


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