More expensive three times: Ukrainian drivers are waiting for a new hell

Ukrainian drivers are told how much they will have to pay for insurance policies that are already in the spring of 2019 will be more expensive.

Officials are now finalizing new regulation, writes “AVTOVAZ”.

The base rate of insurance will not change. To change only the coefficients and the amount of insurance coverage. For example, the financial services Commission wants to increase to 30 thousand UAH, the sum of the maximum payout for property damage. Officials also propose to increase the rate for the car without registration in Ukraine and to reduce it by purchasing the electronic policy. In principle, a logical decision.

Overall, in 2019, the insurance policies in our country will grow by 20-30%, taking into account the innovations of the financial services Commission and the policies of insurers. This is the opinion of Vyacheslav Chernyakhovsky, Chairman of the Association “business Insurance”. He believes that in the current year by roughly 30% increase in the maximum payouts to victims.

The expert says that the price increase will be in any case. This will bring about a change in insurance amounts. At the same time, the drivers assure that there will, however, improve the quality of services.

As for hull, in 2019, its price will not drop, because it depends on the price of new vehicles and policy banks. Insurers simply will offer motorists more modern methods of insurance.

Recall, the government is preparing another hellish drivers. Now they will have to undergo a medical examination, and doctors may not be allowed to drive.

As reported by the portal Know.ia in DFS told how much money in total was spent by Ukrainians on problemi.

Also Know As.Eeyore wrote about the fact that the Ukrainian journalist Roman Kissel crashed in Poland. As a result of fatal accident, the man died. His wife is in serious condition in the hospital. In this accident survived only their little daughter.

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