“Mother in tears kneeling and praying”: the cops take the mass of young Ukrainians

In a network there was video on which the Ukrainian police force take a young boy for no reason and taken to an unknown destination. Probably, the guy’s a recruit who want to take in the military. Video posted user Andrey Korotkin.

The record shows, as to resist the police, the mother and relatives of a young boy. The woman shouts, cries, asks him not to take the guy falls to his knees. What the cops just reject it, not to interfere.

The joy with which mother accompanies her son to the Ukrainian army, and he is glad, already runs the draft Board, for Pete to die in the ATO zone

Andrey Korotkin Geplaatst door op Vrijdag 7 december 2018

The author of the video asked the police on what grounds they detained the guy – no response was made.

“The joy with which mother accompanies her son to the Ukrainian army, and he was glad, already runs to the military enlistment office”, – has signed a video author.

Users began ACTICE to comment on the incident.

“Mom she’s always a Mother.The body is ready to protect his child at any age. No matter he is right or not. Her strong health and long Clit” – write users.

Previously, we reported that on 5 December it became known that in Kiev, near metro stations, patrol police checks men military tickets. This was announced by telegram-canal-a Heath Ledger.

Today it became known that near the metro station “Forest” in Kiev, people in uniform and patrol police stop the kids and demand to provide documents on passage of military service.

“Information confirmed by several readers, including those who were stopped. Apply the technique of false calls and statements that they are wanted for evading military service, even people with disabilities”, – stated in the message.

In the comments of the post netizens pointed out that the validation of men the presence of military ID seen in other parts of the city. In particular, similar raids took place near the metro station “Vokzalnaya” and “Chernigov”.

We will remind, Vladimir Putin invited Ukrainians to become citizens of Russia.

As previously reported, “Know.ia” Putin accuses Russian sailors of provocation.

Also earlier it was reported that young Ukrainians started hunting.


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