Named Miss World in 2018: beauty, intelligence and talent that is known about it

Today, December 8, in China, in Sanya on Hainan island hosted the final of the contest “Miss World 2019”. For the title of most beautiful competed beauties of the 118 countries of the world.

the five finalists for the crown competed representatives of Belarus, Thailand, Jamaica, Mexico and Uganda. They showed itself in all its glory in various competitions, including dance and intellectual.

The most beautiful woman in the world according to the jury was the representative of Mexico, model Vanessa de Leon. This is the official page of the project.

“Now all these girls will go on tour 2019 Miss World “Beauty with purpose” together with our new Miss World, Vanessa Ponce de Leon” — write on the official contest website.

It should be noted that this year’s beauty contest Ukraine was represented by 19-year-old resident of Kherson region Leonila GUZ. It was the final of the competition, where they presented outfits by Ukrainian designer Catherine a Looky and a tiara from Elena Romanova. The dress for the final image Ukrainka designer worked for about 500 hours, and the weight of the outfit was 10 pounds.

“Miss World” — one of the oldest such competitions. He is considered one of the most respected and held since 1951.

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