Netflix has released a somber trailer of the series “a Dangerous journey”: he whole world is scared shitless

The BBC in common with Netflix has released a trailer for the animation project “Dangerous journey”. The basis for the series was the work of writer Richard Adams.

Dark video talks about rabbit Nut and his family who have to look for a new home. On their way they encountered various adventures, which help them learn about the world.

Among the voice actors in the series are very well-known names: Peter Capaldi, James McAvoy, Ben Kingsley, Olivia Colman, Rosamund pike and others.

The world will see the first series for 23 December this year.

Earlier it was reported that on Tuesday, October 23, it became known that the well-known Director Guillermo del Toro announced the debut animated and directed a musical based on the tale about the wooden boy Pinocchio. So, popular stringobj Netflix agreed with him about the shooting of the project.

The history of the cartoon will occur in Italy of the 1930-ies during the reign of Benito Mussolini. The Director is convinced of the Nazi era in Italian history is perfect for reflection on the topic of who is better to be a puppet or a person.

It should be noted that the shooting of the musical will begin this fall. Guillermo del Toro and will also be producer and screenwriter of the project.

“In our story of Pinocchio, an innocent soul with a carefree father, lost in this crazy world. He embarks on an unforgettable journey that will make him understand his father and the real world,” he said.

We will remind, in the Internet appeared the trailer of the series “just Kidding” with Jim Carrey.

Previously Know This.news Agency reported, Netflix is preparing an interactive TV technology that will give viewers the opportunity to influence the plot and to choose what the outcome of the series.

Also Know As.Eeyore wrote, in December of this year the world will see a fifth season of the iconic”Black mirror”.


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