Never give women the flowers will be trouble: full list of the failed bouquets

There are many people signs and superstitions about the colors that women firmly believe. So before buying a bouquet, read them carefully, transfers Вelnovosti.

Lilies of the valley

One of the first spring plants emit very bright and long lasting fragrance. Bouquet of spring lilies of the valley can be presented as a gift to anyone, except his girlfriend, wife, as it portends separation.


A sprig of this beautiful plant will give the girl you want to spend the rest of my life. Thus she realizes that the chosen one is serious.


This precious gift is best kept in the bedroom to avoid unfaithfulness.

White Calla lilies

To give these flowers a bad sign. But if someone presented a bouquet of Calla lilies, then put them better away from the windowsill and balcony, otherwise suddenly descend to sorrow.

Red roses

Flowers in red portend a passionate relationship. So the donor is quite emotional and has serious plans for the future together.

Yellow flowers

It is better not to give, as they portend an impending separation according to the signs. But the yellow flower in pot – great gift, warding off the anger and hatred from its owner.

White bouquet

A good omen that promises a woman a pure relationship without cheating. The person who gave it is likely to make a proposal of marriage to his lady.

Dry plants

It is impossible to give in any case. According to the signs of dry plants appeal to the house of trouble, scare joy and success.

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