Nibiru will arrange a «bloodbath» on the Ground: manage all that in mind

Nibiru will approach the Earth at a dangerous distance. In proof of this, ufologists have shown a photo on which the dangerous planet that’s covering the moon.

Recently, the conspiracy theorists said that the moon and the Earth could have satellites of Nibiru. To this conclusion they came, when studying the ancient manuscripts of the Sumerians. They predict that planet X will draw to itself again smaller planets and violate their gravitational fields, which would entail the end of the world on Earth.

The researchers warn that is a dangerous approximation of Nibiru to the planet as it is now, can provoke changes in the Earth’s magnetic field and Severina volcanoes. By the way, recently in Sicily woke up mount Etna.

Famous astrologers tell us that at this time Nibiru may not destroy the Earth, but a Month now makes an aspect to Uranus, so you should expect accidents at power plants, fires, increased risk of accidents, airplane crashes, may also be a meteorite fall.

Earlier we wrote that the scientists had received mysterious signals from outer space. Thanks to a well-trained artificial intelligence message decoded. They shocked the researchers. In their messages, the aliens said that Nibiru is going to spray above Ground bacterial weapons. She is going to do with the help of his humanoids. For this weapon all of humanity will be destroyed. The data indicates that all people will die very quickly – in a matter of hours.

Recall that the followers of famous ufologist Steve Waring put forward the theory that Earth no longer exists, and the Mayan prophecy about the end of the world in 2012 actually come true.

As reported by the portal «Know.ia»: scientists have suggested that the deadly collision of the planet Nibiru and Earth will take place on 23 February. It will cause the Apocalypse, and all humanity will perish.

Previously «Know.Eeyore» wrote that American scientists from NASA have discovered a new asteroid, which is surely closer to our planet. It appeared to be a stone space rock called СО246.


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