No more naked butt: Instagram trend of steel balls

Girls with larger Breasts and full buttocks is no longer so popular in Instagram. Users tired to envy other people’s spectacular forms, or simply want something new – unknown.

But a trend in social networks has recently become the conventional chicken eggs, which in a short time collected a million likes – that is, it is the most popular since the existence of all messengers.

Photos even surpassed the record of the post Kylie Jenner with a newborn daughter, published in February 2018 and scored 18.2 million likes.

The egg is the only account world_record_eggwas released on 4 January. Who created the account, is unknown. To put the record, supporters of the account with egg including left comments under photos Jenner, calling to give him a like.

2018 had been several attempts to catch and overtake the publication of Kylie Jenner: publication of Justin Bieber scored 13.3 million, and Ariana Grande 12.8 million likes.

In General, the idea with eggs is not unique, there are other similar accounts, but they have not received special distribution. Become popular and quite unexpected photo – for example, a cow that should be milked, sniffing a cat that lives in the barn with the farm animals Granby, QC (Canada), or the coach who shakes hands with a player during a match, here are a few examples:

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We will remind, the girl got the puppy an ancient Mexican breed, but the social network took the dog for a work of art. As reported by “Know.ia” became known, some things scare away the fortune from the signs of the Zodiac. Also “Know.ia”, the network has shown pictures of the biggest dog breeds in the world.


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