No sexism: Google Translate has solved the perennial problem of

Google Translate will translate the words that are used for both sexes, in two variants. About it reports the Blog.google.

If before words like “strong” or “doctor” in the translation concerned is masculine, now the service will offer two translations. For example, the Turkish language uses the “o bir doktor” in the same way. And englishi translation gives two options: she is a doctor/he is a doctor.

The option is currently available only in Chrome and Firefox in translations from English into French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and from Spanish into English.

In Ukrainian and Russian languages option, respectively, are not available.

While the translation function, given the kind of only works in Chrome and Firefox. In the future it will also be integrated on mobile platforms iOS and Android.

In addition, Google is working on expanding the list of supported languages.

Previously, Google translator had only one translation for words that can have female or male form.

Earlier it was reported that the creators of the online translator Google Translate has added a new feature. And even though the translator was not popular for a poor translation, this time added a really good feature that will help to communicate with foreigners more at ease. Now the translator can distinguish between dialects. The authors of the project say that such innovation will be an important aid in travel, after all, the application is able to distinguish human speech in the ear.

Recall, Google Translate received a major update. Redesign of the Google Translate is part of the new policy of the company intended to update and standardize the design of proprietary tools. Informed and other services received great updates.

As reported by the portal Know.ia popular translator Google Translate learned to translate documents.

Know.Eeyore wrote Google Translate has added a neural translation for the Ukrainian language.


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