Occupants have moved in Crimea stolen vehicles “Mosto Navy”: photo

In the occupied Crimea moved captured in the sea of Azov by Russian security forces, the Ukrainian Navy ships.

So, small armored artillery boats of naval forces of Ukraine, “Nikopol” (P176) and “Berdyansk” (U175) – moved and disguised. Information confirmed shots “Crimea.Realities”.

Earlier, the Ukrainian Navy ships occupants were held at the end of the quay wall in the water area of Kerch. The territory controlled by the FSB. As of February 11, the disposition of captured ships has been changed.

“Boats are found closer to shore, where they were closed from the sea by Russian warships. In the pictures you can also see that the invaders tried to hide camouflage netting of the court”, – is spoken in the message.

It is also noted that there is also the Ukrainian tow “Yana Kapu” (А947), the numbers of which have been seen by the Russian courts.

We will remind, on preparation of the Russian Federation’s occupation of Crimea the Ukrainian security services reported the power even before the presidency of Viktor Yanukovych.

According to the officer of the SBU, it was “at the crossroads of change of power.” But over time, the government of Viktor Yanukovych, who turned all of the program of counteraction to the Russian intelligence services. This was stated by the Deputy of the Department of counterintelligence protection of state interests in the field of information security SBU, Polkowice yuliia laputina.

As reported by the portal “Know.ia”: the blogger showed screenshots of correspondence with Russian man, who for some reason decided to go volunteer in the Donbass. Illiterate, who wishes rather to see ancestors, fortunately, did not help, after which he was satirized in the network.

Also “Know.Eeyore” wrote that the rating of the master of the Kremlin is rapidly going downhill. For this reason, Putin is in a hurry looking for some positive news so that he could appease the Russians.


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