Odessa court released the killer-rapist on bail 140 thousand hryvnias

From the cruelty and cynicism of Sergei Wloka, Odessa maniac, who brutally raped and blackmailed the girls for more than ten years, curdling the blood. During this time, the freak ruined the life of some dozens of young women, and several were driven to suicide. For his capture have made huge efforts, but the court dismissed the maniac under a penny a bail.

In Ukraine flares up the worst at the time of independence in a scandal involving a serial rapist, who not only mocked their victims, but also cynically used them for personal enrichment, transfer “Accents”.

Dry summaries of seaside court of Odessa “to Take into custody the law of pledge in the amount of 140 thousand hryvnias” is terrible the bottom line: dozens of injured girls, broken lives and ruined lives. With business as usual in recent years, marked “organization porn industry” opened up unexpectedly-a terrible detail. About it you will not read in the Internet because we are talking about such a “dirty” facts that no one will even think to disclose. But… there were people, not willing to endure.

Slavery, violence and extortion

The accused in this case is 43-the summer inhabitant of Odessa Sergey Ularn. Of his crimes, we know from people close to one of the victims of pervert.

Girl with beautiful appearance and slim figure, actively engaged in your account in Facebook and Instagram, put up photos in a swimsuit. Naturally, the friends list in the social network was constantly expanded. One day she wrote a certain Marina, was presented the employee of one of the famous European companies on the selection of models.

Marina, long touted model data girls and talked about the prospect of a comfortable life. She methodically treated a girl with the help of psychological techniques. When the relationship turned into a more trusting form, suggested to pass a casting.

Wrote that supposedly came the casting Director, a very busy man and he can hold auditions. At the same constantly wrote that in show business all through the bed, need to sleep with “the examiner”, and he will pay.

Already well processed girl went to a rented apartment in Odessa, where she was expecting Sergei, of course, under a different name. The room was equipped as a Studio. After some communication he said he would pay $ 700 for sex.

Sergey Ularn, the sick bastard, began to brazenly harass. And then began the horror, the sexual act in the worst tradition of the porn industry. In fact Odessa maniac just raped his victim. After that, she even had to go to the doctor with a rupture of the genital organs.

Neither of which fee and speech did not go. The pervert explained that it was necessary to agree on her candidacy almost at the highest level. And the money will be given on the second casting.

There was nowhere to retreat, overcoming disgust, the girl went to the second “interview” which ended even worse rape. But after this money is not received.

When Odessa maniac Ularn called the third time, the girl refused to go to a meeting. Then I heard a supposedly firm has incurred large expenses and she has to pay a fine. Otherwise, all the relatives and friends sent a horrifying video of sexual intercourse.

It happened in 2017. Since then the girl had to pay the maniac rapist every month for $ 400.

Put on stream

As we found out from sources close to the investigation, this story was not the only and not the worst of these sacrifices moral pervert Sergei Oloka was a huge amount.

“Odessa maniac Ulogin more than ten years of experience in the porn industry with the participation of many girls. While sick freak would even seduce a minor. And all his sacrifices as a result became slaves through blackmail he was demanding with monthly payments”, – told us on condition of anonymity.

For their victims Ularn pervert with manic tendencies, the hunted in social media with a specially created account. Under false names, mostly female, he offers all the girls a high-paying modeling job, with the prospect of a successful career and a regular income in the field of advertising, fashion and glamour shots for domestic and foreign fashion magazines, television and show business.

Guaranteeing high wages, Sergei insisted, and in every way tried to persuade the girls to go the so-called “trial” in order for this model brought into the Agency.

“Who picked the girls didn’t have much, they were easier to lure money. Promised different: 300-600 dollars for a erotic shooting without a face, $ 700-800 for filming sexual intercourse from $ 1000 outright violent rape. I read his chats with girls, you can feel that he is a professional psychologist. The victims have almost no chance to avoid the sad fate,” says the source.

Under “breakdown” maniac involves sexual contact with an agent of the firm of Alex (he is Sergei Ulock) on specially rented for these purposes the apartment. He convinces girls that so do all who have promoted promising models in the firm, and then forcing the victims to engage in perverted sexual contact.

He was a little bullying, which barely survived the victims, the whole process maniac Ularn personally recorded on video, so that he himself could not see. Then began to threaten the girls to distribute these materials to all relatives, friends and acquaintances of victims, causing their victims so many years to pay him large sums of money.

“Those girls who pay not, this freak Wokn by those threats, forced to cooperate with him. Made, already psychologically crushed, women find him new victims. Forced to drive friends who eventually fell into the same slavery,” says the source.

But the worst of Odessa maniac did to those who refused to pay him, or help in illegal activities. A sick pervert, blackmailer had subjected them to moral suppression, leading to despair, spread slander and send a photo. Sometimes the result of moral “killings” became incorrigible – it is already known that a few girls could not stand it and committed suicide.

“As far as I know, the investigation has found more than two dozen victims of a maniac. But there is a serious suspicion that this is not a complete list, and during the publicity of this case, there will be new victims. The main thing that they have lasted and don’t have made,” said our source.


To catch a serial killer on the hot turned out to be incredibly difficult. To catch it was necessary to “hot”. But Odessa maniac Ularn constantly slipping all correspondence in social networks led through the VPN, so to determine its location, it was unreal. In addition, maps of the sacrifices listed monthly tribute, was issued on figureheads.

For detention of the villain the police have developed a whole operation. Connected computer professionals and a few girls, done the casting. In the end, Odessa maniac took in the apartment. Seized all the equipment, now trying to get incriminating video.

Judging from the material wealth, due to its victims Sergey Ularn earned a lot of money. He bought an apartment, a brand new SUV, went to the finest restaurants in the city. Led the life of a rich man.

But the worst thing is, this sick pervert has a family – a wife and two small children. In the photos they look quite happy. The Stalker’s wife is professionally engaged in photography. They seem to not suspect what a terrible monster of their husband and father. And how difficult all this abundance.

The mind can not understand how this monster was able to look into the eyes of my little daughter and wife if he hates women so much? As this thing every day, after the rape, called her mom and pretended to be a caring son?

Now the investigation continues, victims are becoming more. Law enforcement officers are doing everything possible to collect iron evidence base. But the Ukrainian Themis, it seems, is its own special moral and ethical values. Not further, as on December 16, Odessa maniac pervert Sergei Wloka was released on bail a total of 140 thousand UAH. Once released, the scum could easily destroy all evidence of their crimes, which are carefully hidden in the Internet. Or worse, lead to suicide is still not one of his victims.


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