On 14 January, Ukrainians will celebrate three holidays all at once

Monday, January 14, in Ukraine will be a triple celebration. Christians of the Eastern rite celebrate St. Basil the Great, Circumcision of the Lord and the first day of the new year, old style.

14 Jan honor the memory of Basil the Great, Archbishop of Caesarea in Cappadocia, teacher of the universal Church IV century BC). In the Church he is described as an ascetic, a scholar and theologian, he was also the author of the code of monastic life. It belongs to him saying: «How much would take away from the body, so much creative energy in the soul.»

New style Orthodox Church celebrates on January 14 Circumcision of Jesus Christ. According to Jewish custom on the eighth day after the birth of Jesus took place the rite of circumcision, after which the child was given the name, there are the Archangel Gabriel on the day of the message of the good news to virgin Mary — Jesus.

Feast Old New year appeared in Ukraine in 1918 after the transition of Tsarist Russia from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian calendar, which at that time all Europe has lived for centuries. So, the holidays were postponed for 13 days.

So, according to the Julian calendar New year on January 14 and, when in 1918 on the territory of modern Ukraine adopted the Gregorian calendar, New year moved to January 1. Also the change to the Gregorian calendar on the day of the Old New year celebrated Vasiliev day or Christmas eve. Hence the tradition of celebrating the Old New year.

Recall how to remove a Christmas tree: basic traditions and folk superstitions. Folk traditions and beliefs tell about that.

As reported Know. EN, Easter 2019 will turn into a real vacation: holidays will be delayed. The Cabinet of Ministers encourages all employers to give workers five days a week.

Know. ru wrote that the Old New year is 2019: 4 European direction. Old New year is celebrated in the night from 13 to 14 January. This unusual and unique holiday arose in connection with the transition to the new style calendar.


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