OSCE concerned by Russia’s decision regarding the Ukrainian elections

Office for democratic institutions and human rights OSCE decided not to consider the participation of representatives of Russia to monitor the presidential elections in Ukraine on 31 March 2019, reports 24 channel.

Press Secretary of the OSCE Thomas Rymer noted that the prohibition of admission of Russian observers at the elections were adopted by the Ukrainian Parliament. Later, Moscow has refused to send representatives, Russian media reported.

“We have asked all participating countries to send observers. We received 92 applications, including two from Russia. Unfortunately, the Ukrainian authorities in accordance with the adopted by the Verkhovna Rada of the resolution said that the Russian observers could not receive accreditation and will not be able to run in the elections. Thus, they will not be part of the OSCE / ODIHR mission “
says Raymer.

Several observers have arrived in Ukraine. Now the long-term there are already 14 people, with another 17 planning to arrive in the coming days. The operation will start from February 13.

In addition, at the time the elections arrive another 750 short-term observers.

Why Ukraine has not accepted the application of Russian observers?

Russia will try to influence the election through their observers. 9 January, foreign Minister of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin stated that Ukraine is not going to accept applications for registration of Russian observers for the presidential elections which will take place on 31 March this year. According to him, it is a necessary step because we are talking about the representatives of the aggressor country.

In response to this, the Embassy of the Russian Federation stated that the decision was contrary to international law and the official position of Kiev in the commitment to democratic values, including the organization and conduct of transparent elections.

On 7 February, Parliament voted for changes to the law on electoral observation, which forbids Russian observers to participate in the presidential and parliamentary elections in Ukraine.

February 8, Russia stated that it would not send observers to the presidential elections in Ukraine “security reasons”.

We will remind, earlier “Know.news Agency” reported that Zelensky has made an urgent statement on elections not later than in 5 days.

As reported by “Know.ia”, Zelensky said that they will do immediately after winning the election: 4 major bills.

Also “Know.ia” wrote: “More buckwheat, cheaper advantages: Ukrainians buy for 500 hryvnia.”


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