Paris terrible fever: “yellow jackets” go on the offensive, the police arrest the demonstrators, their demands

On Saturday, December 8, Paris held the first public clashes of protesters “yellow jackets” with the police. About it reports the local edition of Le Figaro.

At the moment it is reported at least about five hundred detainees.

Experts note that the number of persons who were arrested exceeded the figure at the same time, 1 Dec.

Law enforcement authorities first resorted to tear gas grenades and surrounded the protesters.

“Yellow jackets” do not surrender or retreat. In addition, periodically they move in the direction of the police, singing the Marseillaise or the chants of “Macron resigned.”

Earlier it was reported that the “Yellow jackets” again filled the streets of Paris with anti-government protests.

It is now known that until today the police are much prepared for the aggressive protestors sought on the eve of a huge force of equipment and personnel.

It is noted that the protesters were unhappy with the plans of the officials for the increase in taxes on fuel, which would lead to an increase in prices. However, unable to withstand the onslaught, the government introduced a moratorium on price increases.

Recall, the French protests migrated to a new country, Europe is preparing for a landmark rebellion. It is noteworthy that none of these countries is not proposed to raise the tax on fuel.

As reported Know. EN, in the capital introduced armored vehicles, the protesters are preparing for the storm: blood in the streets, flames and panic. Protesters continue to smash the streets of Paris.

Know. EN wrote that riot puts students on your knees and poison gas: hard punishment for the protests overtook even teenagers. Students and teachers are angry, the situation escalates.


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