Pizzerias in Kiev shot the dancer, before that he knocked out a tooth

In Kiev pizzeria Mister Cat on the street Sribnokilskaya a man was attacked after he stanslav lezginka.

He was shot in the back from a traumatic gun after he danced in place. The incident occurred on January 13, reports “Informant”.

According to information, the incident occurred at 6:40.

“The company of four guys and girls had a rest at the pizzeria. One of them decided to dance the lezginka in the institution, it is not like the other three men. When the dancer came out to smoke, they approached him and made claims about the dance, from-for what there was a verbal sparring with the fight”, – told the witnesses.

A man repeatedly punched a guy in the face, knocking out his tooth. The guy ran to the aid of comrades, and then began a mass brawl. In the midst of the fight one of the men pulled out a traumatic gun, fired a warning shot and then shot in the back “dancer”. Then the person who shot him with his friends tried to escape from the scene.

Subsequently, the victim stopped the car of the patrol police and told them about what happened.

“Militiamen detained the man who shot. The guilt the man did not deny, however, according to him, the guy who danced lezginka, first resorted to the image of the company. Those reprimanded him, but it provoked a fight,” – said.

The striker claims that he used the gun after the dancer pulled out a knife. As a result, several people were injured, and “dancer” – wounds from a traumatic gun in the back. There were some crews of the patrol police, ambulance and investigative team.

Recall, ex-Denmark striker Nicki Billie Nielsen was an attempt to murder, reports Football Espana.

The 30-year-old footballer was shot from a firearm in Copenhagen. The bullet hit the hand of Nielsen.

We also wrote that, under the Odessa man killed wife and daughter with special needs. Say to such a terrible step, the head of the family proved the loss of a job.

As reported previously Know.ia in the Odessa region miraculously spared his victim the “blue whale” “the Incident occurred in the town of Oleshky, where a schoolgirl tried to commit suicide on a school break”.


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