Pogolotti handle Kravtsov: the head of «Ukrzaliznytsya» collects from the passengers tribute for new clothes

Blogger Michael Schneider posted on his Facebook page thinking about increasing the cost of rail tickets by 25%.

Eugene Kravtsov

«Over the next months, the Cost of train Tickets will rise by more than 25%. And this is the Famous Chapter on «Railways» Evgeny Kravtsov. At least the Famous jacket with gold Buttons. Well, next to Him we can see a typical Interior of a typical Car: Dirt, dullness, lack of sanitation and mushrooms on Shelves…» writes Schneider.

Over the next months, the Cost of train Tickets will increase by over 25%. And this is the Famous Chapter «…

Geplaatst door Mihail Shnayder op Donderdag 14 maart 2019

The blogger claims that, apparently, the lack of comfort, or at least human conditions in the cars do not particularly care about Kravtsov. For him the main thing is his profit.

«…And after another increase in Ticket prices, he can afford to change your favorite Gold buttons on the Diamond. Because every time when we Sit in a sweltering and dirty Car. Fall on the stale and wet the bed. And go into a toilet. We all make Eugene a little bit Richer…»

Eugene Kravtsov

Ukrainians in the comments give vent to emotions: «Lock him in that car . Without food. But with gold buttons.», «A SENTENCE! These creatures have life to clean and maintain these places, this Gan**Kravtsova striped outfit necessary»

One reviewer actually told about the history, which should be very instructive for Kravtsov:
«When the first month of service I was put on duty in the fleet. On the change of shift came the old ensign, he let go of my nuvolini, and I washed two dozen offices. «Do not know how to command do it yourself,» said the flag. I quickly learned to command. So take a couple of trains, he washes … will the order be wash.»

Recall that the trains now left the main new reform of «Ukrzaliznytsia».

Also, the portal Know.ia reported that «Ukrzaliznytsya» plunge into a stinking scandal bed.


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