Polyakov got breast MARUV: this «beating»

Olga Polyakova commented on the situation with MARUV and Ukraine’s refusal from participation in Eurovision-2019, which shocked the whole of Ukraine, in his interview to «KP in Ukraine». National selection to the Eurovision song contest in 2019, it is called a mess. The singer said that the organizers, the jury and the presenter of the show showed their incompetence, however, she believes that in Ukraine a lot of singers who are willing to represent the country without any selection.

Olga Polyakova is outraged: «It was a terrible violation of human and artistic dignity. I, frankly, against the national selection. We have a lot of professional artists willing and able to perform well in the Eurovision song contest. To make a strong room and the song to choose the right or buy, and to assume all costs. As it was before, when Ukraine was represented by the stars and brought prizes».


The whole situation Polyakov called «beating» in the eyes of the public and rudeness, but also stressed that the Ukrainians put themselves idiots before the Europeans.

In addition, the singer would not have agreed to participate in the National selection, however to represent our country at the vocal show never mind.

The celebrity said: «You see me there? I stand, head bowed, and Mr. Pritula with bulging eyes asked: «Whose Crimea?» I myself am in a similar format do not see. You just have to send to Eurovision artists that are tearing the scene every day.»

Scandal MARUV, as well as her concerts in Russia greatly angered Polyakov, as I’m sure the singer, the artist is not ignored by any regulation at the Eurovision song contest, and her tour in the Russian Federation is not a violation of the law.

Olga Polyakova

For this reason Polyakova said: «on the one hand, artists say that a tour to Russia on their conscience. They say, go and be traitors. Or, if you refuse, then we’ll fit you in the patriots. But on the other hand, the honest artist will win the competition and said, «You’re not going anywhere». Then make a law that the Ukrainian artists do not have the right to tour the country-aggressor. And then each of us will think to break the law or not. In fact, MARUV not violated any law and no rule of Eurovision».

We will remind, earlier it was noted that the Ukrainian scene enough celebrities that allow themselves to relax a little and gain a few extra pounds, but to return to old form for them is easy.

As reported by the portal «Know.ia»: in a recent show Polyakova invited all the girls to go in shorts instead of trousers so that the men could assess the condition of their body.

Also «Know.Eeyore» wrote that the measles epidemic has not bypassed and Polyakov, one of the dancers where contracted the disease.


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