Prytula compared Zelensky with Putin: quite sibanoulis on their policy

Sergey Pritula

Ukrainian comedian Serhiy Prytula appealed to Ukrainians with a request to recover and stop to engage in political campaigning on his Facebook page.

The fact that Pritula, who never ceases to make fun of a campaign for President Vladimir Zelensky, after the fun video about how the comedian offers his candidacy for a replacement, moved on to more decisive irony. Sergey posted a post with a caustic joke about who will come in the second round of presidential elections.

“The estimate goes Zelensky in the second round, and there it is waiting… couple number 8 – Natalia Mogilev, and Vlad Yama!”, – posted by showman on the page in Facebook.

His joke Prytula hinted at the case of victory Zelensky show “Dancing with the stars.” It happened in 2006, when a pair of Vladimir Zelensky and dancers Alena, Shoptenko defeated a pair of Natalia Mogilev and her partner Vladislav Pit.

Despite the verdict of the professional jury, which recognized Mahileu with a Hole is best, the viewers voted for Zelensky, Shoptenko – 728 thousand to 381 thousand.

This post Prytula commented on the huge number of users. Among these articles most are more similar to a political debate and political campaigning. Got to Pritula – he was accused that he “sold out” Poroshenko.

Sergey Pritula responded to all these attacks, noting that it would begin to ban anyone who makes a joke on the page in a social network to a platform for political agitation. Prytula stressed that he wants to see on his page of people with a healthy sense of humor.”

“On the agitate at least see, even PE, at least for hoo! And here in the comments I want to see people with a healthy sense of humor,” wrote humorist

We will remind, Zelensky and Pritula pushed their heads: in the Ukrainian film almost simultaneously came two emblematic films, which critics expected a Comedy “Sex and nothing personal” (December 20) with Sergey Pritula and “I, you, he, she” (27 December) with Vladimir Zelensky in the title role.

The film Sergiy Prytula was his debut in the genre of the movie and now he will compete for the “people’s love” with Vladimir Zelensky.

As reported by the portal Know.ia, Prytula provided competitors Zelensky in the second round

Also Know As.Eeyore wrote, Sergey Prytula recorded a funny video, a parody Zelensky


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