Putin brazenly rewrites history books: the Crimean Tatars traitors

They have their own history, we have our own. As Russia tries to rewrite history and erase the common past of Ukraine in the Soviet Union. Putin and his entourage trying to get rid of Ukraine in all possible ways. After all, if there is no will of her references, then and the country is in fact not.

This campaign embraced the young citizens of the annexed Peninsula of Crimea.

In the program » Crimea. Realities «specifically for the 24 channels from the» Radio Liberty » were posted a story about all the methods of extermination of the Ukrainian history. The book which says «Teykovo» the history of the Crimea — will withdraw. The book for the tenth grade did not like the Crimean Tatars, who are quite loyal to Ukraine, nor to those who serve in the Crimean elite. In the textbook of Crimean Tatars are traitors, and their deportation — a common resettlement.

The woman, the representative of the Crimean Tatar commented on the content of school textbook: «in General, it is blatant propaganda and outright incitement to hatred mensionally. Will allow it in the curriculum in no event it is impossible «.

Everything was printed eleven thousand copies. In the event warakagoda state Duma Deputy Ruslan Balbec: «the New textbook on the history of Crimea devoted a whole section glavu Otechestvennoi about the Great war, in which are some dubious stories about some alleged mass loyalty of the Crimean Tatars invaders. What is it? Incompetence? Blind faith in not the most reliable historical sources? «

The textbooks listed are simply absurd : «the Total number of the Crimean Tatar units , which served the Nazis with weapons in their hands is estimated at 20 thousand people… most of the population loyal to the Germans,and many even help.»

Historian Gulnara Bekirova criminaIs called it pure water lies and asks to withdraw all the books with the fake history from the curriculum.

We will remind, earlier «Know.Eeyore» wrote about how mistress «Eurovision» was supported by Russia.

As reported by «Know.ia», , Putin will shut off the Internet in Russia.

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