Putin will surrender the Kuril Islands to the Crimea: the Japanese government has made its choice

Putin and Shinzo Abe

The Russian press continues to actively propagate the opinion on the transfer to Japan of the Kuril Islands.

About this powdersoul media.

However, Ukrainian experts and politicians are still interested in the consequences of the proposed transaction between Russia and Japan. After all, Tokyo is a consistent critic of the Kremlin and partner of Ukraine.

Experts note that Moscow could go for some Smoked exchange for political loyalty of the Japanese government.

Figuratively speaking, «to exchange the Kuril Islands in the Crimea», i.e. making concessions to Japan, to drive a wedge between developed countries and remove the problem of self-exclusion.

Moreover Rudyakov managed to add that a probable agreement between the countries provides for the de jure property of Russia on the Kuril Islands, but the Japanese government will exercise full and unconditional control of the region through its authorities.

«The transfer of the Kuril Islands, Putin will prove to the world that he Podorojniy. The Euro-Atlantic world is looking at Putin as a spy, fiend, etc. There is nothing to prove, says Pavlo Rudyakov. – Putin offered Japan its plan to resolve the situation many years ago, and the Japanese caught him at it and now keep on the hook. The fate of the Kuril Islands in the near future, before the completion of the current tenure of Putin, will be resolved by a special compromise formula. I think it will save the jurisdiction of Russia, but the Japanese business, Japanese local governments or public institutions in one form or another will be given carte Blanche. As I understand it, Japanese is now preparing,» said Paul Rudyak.

In turn, the head of the Center of the Russian Federation, National Institute for strategic studies Petro burkovsky added that the Japanese government will not go to any separatist agreement with the Kremlin not recognize the Crimea .

Moreover Borkowski said that the Kremlin did not even attempt to push through such a deal, because Tokyo does not support this idea.

However, the Russian propaganda would inflate the loss of the territory, as a great victory of diplomacy and Putin personally, who allegedly returned to Russia in «club of great powers».

«Even if Russia will stutter about the lifting of sanctions, Japan will answer that there’s absolutely no connection. And a lawyer of Russia in the «Big seven» Japan will not. And I’m inclined to think that the Kremlin is even asking about it will not. A lot of money requested, and any such symbolic things – no. Russian propaganda will, of course, say that Russia, they say, for justice: that the Islands were given to Japan, but our Crimea. But it will be approval for «domestic consumption», for people who do not know history. Because there are no Parallels between the two situations can not hold» – said Peter burakowski.

Recall, Lukashenka appealed to Putin.

As reported by «Know.ia», odious Zakharova confirmed the plans of the Kremlin against Belarus.

Also «Know.Eeyore» wrote that Georgian President spoke about his relationship with Putin.

Russia and Japan «moved forward» on the issue of the Kuril Islands


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