“Putin’s war”: Poroshenko made a loud statement, the Ukrainians held their breath

Vladimir Putin

A Russian attack on Ukrainian ships 25 Nov was an act of armed aggression of the Kremlin.

This was stated by President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko in interview to the American TV channel Fox News.

Poroshenko said that the attack occurred in the neutral waters of the Black sea opened to international navigation, however, 10 Russian ships opened fire and attacked the Ukrainian troops.

“Mr. Putin, it is an act of aggression. Mr Putin, this is war. This is not a joke, not an incident and not a crisis, because your regular troops under the Russian flag attacked a Ukrainian military vessel in international waters. There is no other explanation,” – said Poroshenko.

Furthermore the President recalled that the Putin’s actions aroused the indignation of the whole world. The leaders of powerful countries demanded the immediate and unconditional release of 24 Ukrainian sailors.

Poroshenko also noted that the black sea water area needs the assistance of NATO allies and the entry of NATO ships.

“For example, first, we need a NATO presence in the Black sea, not to let Russian troops occupy the Black sea and the Azov sea region, what is happening now.” Azov “package of sanctions”, – said the head of state.

Poroshenko added that the international community should include new anti-Russian sanctions after the Kremlin’s aggression in the sea of Azov.

“We need sanctions, we need to improve military and technical cooperation, including the supply of lethal weapons that will help us to protect our country from possible major ground operation, we do not rule out that Russia may launch at any time”, – said Poroshenko.

However, it should be noted that the head of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Germany Heiko Mas spoke out strongly against the expansion of sanctions against Russia.

The official said that at present it is necessary to focus on deescalate conflict between Russia and Ukraine , in this regard, the extension of sanctions is the wrong signal.

“Now we need to think about defusing the conflict. Therefore I consider it wrong to speak about new sanctions,” said Mac.

It is worth noting that the EU will consider the introduction of additional sanctions against Russia for aggression in the sea of Azov.

It is known that due to the deterioration of Russian-Ukrainian conflict for the Baltic States and Poland may call at the summit, the extension of sanctions against Moscow. In turn, foreign Minister of Germany considers that such initiatives have no chance of success.

“I don’t see opportunities for consensus within the EU on imposing new sanctions,” he said.

We will remind, Putin gave NATO a daring scandal, in shock was all.

As reported by “Know.ia” in Germany chose the replacement Merkel, what happens now with the Ukraine.

Also “Know.Eeyore” wrote that it became aware of the condition of the kidnapped Ukrainian sailors.

The aggression of the Russian Federation in the Azov sea: the Russians captured 23 Ukrainian sailors


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