Rabinovich: All that is capable of power – rename Dnipropetrovsk oblast in Sichevskyi!

Renaming the Dnipropetrovsk region in Sichevskyi is a diagnosis of the current government, which is not capable of real action to improve the lives of Ukrainians. About it in the first program of the new series “Who the Rabinovich” on TV channel “112 Ukraine” said MP of Ukraine, head of the political party “the Opposition platform On life” Vadim Rabinovich.

“They renamed Dnipropetrovsk oblast in Sichevskyi. That’s all our government can do in the country. And even the mayor of the city of Dnepr says that you are crazy that you do not do anything to stay in the country, loved and believed in it,” – said the MP.

According to him, is the systematic development of all sectors of the economy the government can provide the Ukrainians only success in the renaming of streets and cities.

“You probably know other heroism to rename – Horishni Marshes, Kropiwnicki, the Black sea. Despite the fact that the Crimea, our government gave, it was renamed in Krasnoperekopsk Yana mouthpiece, Kirovskoe – in islyam Terek. So now Crimea here is the map of Turkey is not much different,” noted the MP.

The head of the party, “the Opposition platform On life” I am confident that Ukrainians will assess to mass rename objects in the country in the elections.

“Renaming the field in Sichevskyi is a symbol of the ineptitude of the government. This is her diagnosis. And an attempt to divert attention from the crisis in the economy, this impoverishment of the people. I am absolutely confident that in these elections, Ukrainians will show the authorities how it is treated. Dear Ukrainians, do not believe these sociologies. When you go to the polls, simply open the refrigerator. And immediately see, the better you began to live or not” – summed up Vadym Rabinovich.

We will remind that the Verkhovna Rada was renamed Dnipropetrovsk oblast in Sichevskyi. 240 deputies voted for this decision.


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