Relieve headache, cure coughs and expel the cockroaches solved the miracle properties of popular spices

Bay leaf is not just a spice that can be found in the kitchen of every housewife. It is also a wonderful tool that will help get rid of headaches, it is also used as an excellent sedative and not only.

What it has miraculous properties of this plant, says “Intermarium”.

It turns out the Bay leaf is not only the spice! Scents can have a strong impact on our body.

Bay leaves

For example, the smell of Bay leaf soothes the body, mind and creates a relaxing atmosphere. In addition to the common application – in the kitchen, Bay leaves can be used for other purposes.

The therapeutic properties of Bay leaf was first discovered and used by the ancient Greeks.

As it turned out, the dried leaves of the Laurel tree also has potent anti-inflammatory and soothing properties, and can be extremely useful for people suffering from epilepsy.

In addition, using it to treat diseases of the respiratory tract, berutsa cholesterol, relieve stress, treat insomnia, and regulate high blood pressure.

In order to enjoy the benefits of Laurel leaves, you can cook it in boiled water and add into the food. In addition, you can put Bay leaves in the bowl, ignite, and after a couple of seconds to put out the fire and let the aroma spread around the room.

Also, Bay leaves are extremely effective in controlling cockroaches. As it turned out, the smell of this plant deters pests. Besides, this tool is natural and absolutely safe for your children and Pets.

You can use them dry or fresh, but for best effect, use dry because they smell stronger.

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