Reporters found the top officer of DFS business in the Crimea: the details of the investigation

Head of Kyiv regional DFS Alexei Cavern through the nearest family has a financial pasanky business on the territory of Crimea.

It is reported by an Apostrophe with reference to RBC-Ukraine.

We are talking about the financial-consulting company “Family capital”, which is owned and led by Anatoly Cavern, the father of Ukrainian top taxman, together with his wife Daria Cavino (Lvova). The company works both in Ukraine and in the occupied territories, contrary to the prohibition of the financial services Commission.

Journalists believe that the Russian company’s registration of “Family capital” operates as a pyramid scheme, using gray areas of cross-border legislation for money laundering in the mainland Ukraine, including through the mortgage scheme, issued to the brother of a civil servant Denis Kabila.

“For some time, the ersatz, the borrower does not repay the loan, making Denis Kabila full owner relatively stable, tangible asset. Thus an alibi for the time of execution of one of Kavina authority of a public servant iron: physically in the hands of no money, no real estate. There are only the rights of the mortgagor to recover the property in the notary of ugovorni time”, – noted in the investigation.

One legal address with the “Family capital” were affiliated with the family Cavina of the company, in particular the NGO “Youth for the faith, for European Ukraine” and NGO “Institute tax reforms.” The head of the latter is Elena Kotenko – Chairman of the Kiev regional Council of the “Association of taxpayers of Ukraine”, which is until 2017, he was Deputy Alexei Kavina DFS in Zaporozhye region.

Co-founder of the “Institute” is Evgeny ryabikov, which in 2016 was the head of OOO “KAD-Media” (abbreviation “Cavern-Alexi-Denis” – say the journalists). The company is the publisher of the magazine “agriculture”.


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