Rocks, covers, coins: male swallowed 2 kg of garbage to cope with anxiety

Korean doctors pulled from man’s stomach a collection of bottle caps and coins weighing about 2 pounds

In a hospital on the border with North Korea appealed patient aged 54 years, who complained of stomach pain, reports the Daily Mail.

The doctors examined the man and found a swelling in the abdominal area. The scan revealed a huge accumulation of objects, which «hammered the whole stomach,» the South Korean patient.

The body Korean patient

The man admitted that he often swallowed coins and pebbles, when I was testing the alarm to calm yourself. According to doctors, the patient is suffering from mental disorder.

Surgeons first tried to remove them using the method of gastroscopy, when the human body via the esophagus is a thin tube. However, the method did not work.

Then the next day a team of surgeons spent the successive removal of foreign bodies using a variety of surgical procedures. Retrieved foreign bodies included pebbles, coins and bottles caps.

Elongated objects

Husband was discharged from the hospital Lsan pike at the University inje after a nine-day stay in the hospital.

It is unclear how long the foreign body was located inside of the body. The doctors said that the man for a long time suffered from strange habits.

A leading surgeon and doctor Choi said that the consumption of foreign bodies is most common in children because they accidentally swallow the objects or during the game.

However, adults most often ingest chicken and fish bones, more rarely foreign objects.

In this case, despite the fact that the patient did not complain of vomiting, accumulations of pebbles and coins in the stomach provoked abdominal pain.

Stones in the stomach of a patient

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