Rostral in the mosque of New Zealand: the culprit of dozens of deaths, detained

Australian Breivik was caught. Police said no longer looking for suspects.It is obvious that 28-year-old Brenton torrent already in their hands.

Write about the local Telegram-channels.

According to preliminary police data, together with associates, Tarrant staged the mass shooting in the mosques of al-Nur and Linwood in Christchurch.

What is known about the mass murder at the moment

• The number of victims has risen to 49
• One of the shooters – 28-year-old Aussie Brenton Tarrant, he led the broadcast on Facebook
• In the mosque during the attack there were about 300 people
• Four accomplices arrow detained, he himself also, in court tomorrow
• Police defused a few bombs, located in the machines along with other mosques
• Tarrant published manafest where colorfully painted white Paradise without taxes, and explains what inspired Breivik
• At stores from the machine, he wrote, «the key moments of the formation of European civilization,» among which was the Russian-Turkish war
• In the Manifesto, he sarcastically wrote that the violence taught him Spyro and Fortnite
• Before the attack he washed down a post on 8чане about their plans
• 30 seconds he asked me to sign up for Pudiya, he has already responded via Twitter – «I absolutely disgusting from the fact that my name is associated with that person.»

We remind, on March 15 in New Zealand, 50 kilometers from the station there was a mass murder in the mosques of Christchurch. Next defused a few bombs left by the attackers in the car.

As of 09:00 am in Kiev the number of people killed in the mosques has reached 40 people, and another 27 were injured. Detained four suspects, one of them is a woman. One of the shooters strimel video shot in the social network.

We will remind, at the railway station in New Zealand robot-sapper defused a suspicious no-man’s backpacks. Report a series of explosions.

As reported by the portal Know.ia in the Polish city of Wroclaw there was a bloody incident. It is known that in a shopping Mall during a brutal skirmish the man with a knife attacked his opponent. From the received wounds the man died.

Also Know As.Eeyore wrote that at the airport «Kiev» searched for a bomb. After checking and not detecting dangerous objects, the airport continued to work normally.


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